Heather Ellyard Photo Title : Heather Shain Ellyard
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current work

2010   the Blake Prize
2010   even for colour
2009   I made a heap of all I could find
    the Children's Room
2008   seasonal fields and residues (under construction)
2006   inventories and commentaries
    inventories and commentaries part 2: transparent and white

recent work

2003   mnemonic sights
2000   accumulations at eye level

Judiac work

2003   Henayni/Under the Covers
1998   commentaries in another language
1995   entering the Hebraic Zone
1991   from ash into metaphor

self portrait

1993   self-portrait in pieces

early work

1989   anima rising
1987   victims and seeds
1985   sanctuaries and transfigurations
1984   small wonders
1981   sacred boards and scrolls
1977   butterfly collection



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