Heather Ellyard Photo Title : Heather Shain Ellyard
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entering the Hebraic-Zone, 1995

Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide Australia
Span Galleries, Melbourne Australia

entering the Hebraic-Zone follows my first journey to Israel in 1994 on a Creative Development Grant from the Australia Council. I went to Jerusalem to examine and question my identity as a feminist, an artist and a Jew, and to find my way home culturally. While I was in Israel, Rabin and Arafat signed the Peace Agreement in Cairo. While I was preparing this work in Melbourne, Rabin was assassinated.

This exhibition tries to address both extremes symbolically, by way of metaphor. This work is at the intersection between the mythic and the personal, pulling private details into collaboration with larger narratives; everything begins with the personal but nothing stays there. Adam Kadmon, himself, is the 1st Adam, the stone carrier, the knot carrier, the archetype, earth-and-blood formed, and also connected to me.


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