Heather Ellyard Photo Title : Heather Shain Ellyard
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self portrait in pieces, 1993

Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne Australia
Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide Australia

each piece is self-contained and part of something else. identity develops by association. everything is both connected and alone. the self-portrait is a process, accumulating definition, moving between the singular and the mythic, carrying both memory and observation which are incomplete, always.

I am working towards, not against, a whole vision. the systems have gaps. and intrusions into the gaps. and overflows from one thing to another. there are family matters and labyrinths. triangles, circles and the square-of-home. desire and the mortal coil. personal pronouns and mythic equivalents. interrupted narratives and sub-texts. equations and the solo equation of descent-and-return.

the root is in bed-rock far beneath the bloom. down there the root-home has no name. the language must be imagined, memorized and heaved into art.


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